Work Boots


Work boots are one of the types of work shoes that are intended to be used in many areas such as the work done, the working environment, the way of working, the slippery and temperature of the floor. Occupational safety shoes are produced according to the standards determined in the regulations on the risks existing in the working environment and personal protective equipment.


Usage Areas of Work Boots


It is possible to come across models of work boots up to the ankle, up to the knee and up to the knee. The need for use of work boots is to be protected from liquids that may come to the feet. Below are the areas where work boots are most preferred.


  • Outdoors in rainy and humid weather
  • On farms, gardens and fields
  • in construction sites
  • in the mines
  • Car and carpet wash


Things to Consider When Choosing Work Boots


For work shoes suitable for every work environment, you can choose the right safety shoes with our team at www.kardelentekstil.com.tr.


  • Suitability for use
  • Being convenient and comfortable
  • Floor anti-slip
  • Protection level
  • Being waterproof
  • Light and flexible


Work Boots Prices

The prices of work boots, product quality, model, features, whether they are imported or not, may vary according to the manufacturer and seller companies. Bringing quality and comfort to you, Kardelen continues to serve you with affordable work boots prices. Kardelen offers great convenience to its customers with periodic campaigns and special solutions offered to companies and individuals who care about occupational health and safety. With the opportunity to shop in installments, you can get your work clothes, work shoes and work safety materials in much more comfortable conditions. Visit www.kardelentekstil.com.tr to be informed about our campaigns and special solutions.


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