Thermal Clothing


Thermal clothing , which is designed to protect the body temperature of employees in cold and rainy weather, and to keep body sweat as a result of excessive heat, is one of the important types of  workwear to protect the occupational health and safety of employees .


Thermal work clothes are the base layer you wear under your normal work clothes. When the weather is extremely cold, especially those working outdoors will protect their body temperature better with thermal work clothes they wear under their work trousers , work shirts or work sweaters . The best thermal suits are work clothes that protect workers both against the cold and against the removal of sweat from the body in case of excessive sweating. 


Thermal workwear can be made from natural (wool) or non-natural (synthetic) materials. Thermal clothing is not made of fabrics that allow air flow, trap warmth and absorb moisture. Those who work outside such as gas station workers, construction workers, auto-repair personnel and those who are interested in winter sports must use thermal work clothes in order to move comfortably in cold environments.


Types of Thermal Clothing


Thermal clothes, which are complementary especially under work clothes; consists of thermal tights, thermal underwear body, thermal beret and thermal socks. You can visit  for your needs for quality thermal clothing product options, which are produced considering cold weather conditions  .


Benefits of Thermal Clothing

  • It regulates the body temperature of the employees. It moves the sweat away from the skin of the worker and directs it to the other layers. By balancing body temperature, it prevents excessive energy expenditure.
  • It feels warm even in the coldest weather. 
  • It dries very quickly after washing. 
  • It gives freedom of movement to the wearer. 
  • Thanks to its lightness, it does not feel heavy both when worn and during transportation.

Thermal Clothing Prices


Bringing quality and comfort to you, Kardelen continues to serve you with affordable thermal clothing prices . Kardelen offers great convenience to its customers with periodic campaigns and special solutions to companies and individuals who care about occupational health and safety. With the opportunity to shop in installments, you can get your work clothes, work shoes and work safety materials in much more comfortable conditions.  Visit to be informed about our campaigns and special solutions  .

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