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 Work clothes

Work clothes are work clothes specific to certain occupational groups in terms of fabric type, cutting, sewing and workmanship, prepared to protect the employee from external factors during work. Today, work clothes have also become a fashion element apart from the mentioned definition.

In business areas such as manufacturing, industry, service, health sector; There are different expectations regarding various work clothes such as work overalls, work trousers, medical work clothes, work vests, work coats, summer-winter work clothes, work aprons. Many companies that care about the occupational health and safety of their employees create their workwear preferences by bringing together different expectations.

Things to Consider When Choosing Work Wear

  • Work Clothes Should Be Comfortable

It is very important to choose a work outfit that will allow you to work comfortably while doing your job. Working in a comfortable work clothes increases your range of motion, efficiency and concentration.

For example; If a work trousers' waist is elastic, has a zipper, and is made of a fabric that will not make you sweat or get cold, it will provide you with great comfort.

  • Work clothes should be of high quality and useful

The work clothes you use should be produced from fabrics that are resistant to tears, flames and water in accordance with the business area in which you operate. Sewing methods should be designed and applied in a way that does not allow for ripping and bursting.

For example; The production of a welder's vest from non-flammable fabric will protect you from flames. Or if you are a construction worker, you can do your job much more comfortably by taking advantage of the multi-purpose use feature of the commando pocket work pants you choose.

  • Work Clothes Should Be Reflecting the Corporate Identity of the Company

The choice of work clothes suitable for the corporate identity of the company will increase the brand value of the company, its promotion and the corporate loyalty of the employees to the company. In this direction, some companies may prefer their own specially designed work clothes.

For example, a gas station or cargo company can have their employees wear their own logos on the work clothes of their choice. Work clothes such as printed work coats, work vests and overalls bearing the logo of a company contribute to the promotion and brand value of the company.

  • Work clothes should be of a quality that will create a team spirit

People who wear the same work clothes in the company will feel themselves as part of the team psychologically, so their motivation will increase. At the same time, a common view will be provided in the eyes of the customer who comes to the company.

For example; The apron given to a trainee nurse in a hospital will make the nurse feel like a part of the team.

  • Work clothes should be of a quality that will provide work safety

Occupational safety is an application that has been made compulsory by law today. Since human health and occupational safety are shown as the first rule to be followed in every job, it will be easier to take safety measures with the preferred work clothes. In conditions that threaten human health, in cold and hot environments, and the right choice of work clothes is life-saving.

For example; If the worker working in a road construction work prefers a reflective vest, trousers or overalls, it will protect him from possible vehicle collisions.

  • Work Wear Should Be Affordable According to Its Quality and Structure

Work clothes should be affordable in addition to features such as quality, comfort and safety. Kardelen brings its customers together with affordable workwear prices with opportunity products, campaigns and business solutions arguments. If you want to be informed about campaign and opportunity products and benefit from reliable online sales service, we recommend you to visit

When it comes to occupational health and safety, it is important to work with a company that is an expert and experienced in the field of work clothes. Kardelen, which attaches importance to worker health and worker safety, has been continuing its activities in the field of work clothes and work safety equipment since 1992, thanks to the fabric types it has chosen and the work clothes it has carefully produced. If you also care about the occupational safety of yourself and your employees, you can visit for personal protective equipment, work clothes, work shoes and work safety materials.



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