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Work Shoes


Today, almost all work environments require a set of security measures. Foot injuries are one of the types of accidents that occur in the workplace. For this reason, companies or individuals must comply with the norms that require the use of work safety shoes .

Most of the daily needs are met by standing. Particularly, those who work standing up should choose work shoes that will not deform the feet and will not impair their quality of life. For foot health, quality work shoes that are suitable for the sector and occupational safety standards should be preferred. 

The level of protection is the most important factor in the selection of work shoes. In addition, it is necessary to consider factors such as comfort, comfort, aesthetics and price, as well as non-occupational safety. Since work shoes are among the work safety equipment, they are subject to a number of norms. When choosing work shoes, taking into account the sectoral distinction, safety standards and protection types, it will be life-saving for occupational safety at work.

Work Shoes Models

Occupational safety shoes must be worn in all sectors where there is a risk of foot injury. It is an important situation in terms of occupational health and safety that employers or employees determine the work shoes models that they will need for their working environments .


S3 work should be preferred for situations that will pose a danger from the ground, such as construction sites and mines In the agriculture and food sector, S1 or S1P safety shoes can be preferred. Depending on the type of floor being worked on, work shoes with insulated soles against cold-heat such as SRA or SRB may be preferred.        

The Importance of Wearing Safety Shoes

According to researches, approximately 8% of the benefits resulting from workplace accidents consist of foot injuries. Occupational safety shoes must be provided, maintained and replaced by the employer. When employees are working in high-risk areas, work shoes suitable for the working area should be preferred. According to the law, investment can be applied to the employer if the employer cannot provide suitable safety shoes to every employee. Occupational safety shoes are primarily designed to protect the feet of the employee. For example , ESD work shoes  protect workers against the risk of electric shock in the event of an electrical discharge.

Features That Work Shoes Should Carry

  • CE mark
  • Protection type
  • Protection standards
  • Risk situation assessment of the industry
  • Convenience and comfort
  • Durability
  • Style properties
  • Foot grip condition

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