Mekap Classic Leather Sneakers
Mekap Classic Leather Sneakers
Mekap Classic Leather Sneakers

Mekap Classic Leather Sneakers (TKU020-002276)

Price : ₺206,73(Vat included)

Mekap leather work shoes. Work shoes at affordable prices at Kardelen.

Mekap leather work shoes. Work shoes at affordable prices at Kardelen.

Product features

Steel Toeless Work Shoes Mekap Original Black Leather: Steel Toeless Work Shoes Mekap Original Black work safety shoes leather in accordance with the standard is used. Suede leather is produced for harsh environments. It is high quality, tear and wear resistant leather.

Without Steel Toe: There is no steel toe protector available.

Anti Static Produced using double density polyurethane (PU) sole technology. It has antistatic properties. Antistatic shoes; For example, it should be used when it is desired to minimize the electrostatic charge by evacuation in an environment with flammable and combustible materials and vapors. Thus, the risk of sparking is avoided.

Shock Absorber / Absorbent Extra shock absorbing feature in the heel area of ​​the sole provides added comfort to the user.

Outsole PU Midsole: Low-density midsole provides lightweight and flexibility, as well as excellent propensity for heel shocks and vibrations. PU Outsole: High-density PU outsole resistant to abrasion, hydrocarbons and oils, specially designed undersole patterns where liquids can flow, self-cleaning radial shoes, reinforcement channels at the compression point, extra shock absorbency in the heel, anti-static


Inner Lining In the tests, Dry Touch absorbs moisture 10 times faster than cotton. In measurements made by vertical immersion in water, it has more water absorbency than Dry Touch cotton. Climatex fabric, which has a very soft touch, breathes thanks to its high air permeability and has fast water absorbency. It dries quickly and feels dry. High abrasion resistance, sweat fastness and stain repellent make it superior to cotton fabrics.

Outsole / Insole: With its porous structure, it passes air and helps to ventilate the shoe. The fusbets we use have a high sweat and water vapor absorption capacity, give back the absorbed moisture in a short time and dries quickly. The anti-bacterial nature of the fusbed prevents bacteria growth and odor in the shoes. It can be washed at 30 degrees.

Steel Toeless Work Shoes Mekap Original Black Standard

The shoes with the CE mark have passed the mandatory tests in the EN ISO 20344 Standard and are produced from high-performance materials. In this context, MEKAP shoes, in accordance with the European Economic Community (EEC) regulations for Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) (Instruction No: 89 / 686 EEC) Authorization number 0193 "Prüf-ünd Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V.-Marie-Curie-Str.19-66953 It has been tested and approved by the PFI Middle East Quality Control Laboratory located at the address "Pirmasens/Germany" and the Turkish Standards Institute at the address 1783 Necatibey cad.No:112 Ministries/ANKARA. Shoes produced by MEKAP meet the requirements of the relevant European standards.

The CE mark on the Steel Toeless Work Shoes Mekap Original Black indicates:

It provides the important requirements set by the European Community Directive CEE/89/686 on personnel protective materials in accordance with the following items. Safety – Comfort Resistance to wear and tear Additional protection against the risk of slipping. Safety shoes have been tested by the authorized institution according to European Standards.

Steel Toeless Work Shoes Mekap Original Black Care

-After use, leave your shoes in a dry and ventilated place and keep them away from heat.
- Clean the dust and dirt on it with a brush.
- Clean the stains on it with a damp cloth and use soap if necessary.
- Finally, paint your shoes with a suitable paint. WORKER SHOES MEKAP CLASSIC

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