Work Slippers


Work slippers are one of the types of work safety shoes preferred by healthcare workers and other hospital staff in hospitals. Slippers used in hospitals are also known as sabo slippers. Healthcare workers stand for long periods of time to serve patients. Over time, foot pain and foot odor problems may occur. In order to eliminate these problems, the quality of the work slippers to be preferred must be questioned.


Sabo Slippers Features


Sabo slippers have many features that can be easily distinguished from other slippers. These;

  • Thanks to its anatomical structure, it is more comfortable to use than other slippers.
  • It is light in weight and does not tire the feet.
  • The upper part is perforated to allow the skin to breathe.
  • Sabo slippers, which were initially white and dark blue, can be produced in different colors and patterns with the development of technology.
  • They are the most preferred work slippers in hospitals, private and public health institutions, hotels, clinics and cafeterias.
  • It prevents the formation of odor as it will not sweat on the feet.
  • It has an anti-bacterial structure.
  • It is hygienic.
  • It has thick soles.
  • Men's and women's models are available.
  • It does not slip on wet surfaces.



Work Slippers Prices


Prices of work slippers and sabot slippers may vary according to product quality, model, features, whether they are imported or not, according to manufacturers and vendors. Bringing quality and comfort together with you, Kardelen continues to serve you with affordable Work slippers and sabotage slippers. Kardelen offers great convenience to its customers with periodic campaigns and special solutions offered to companies and individuals who care about occupational health and safety. With the opportunity to shop in installments, you can get your work clothes, work shoes and work safety materials in much more comfortable conditions. Visit to be informed about our campaigns and special solutions.

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