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Special Safety Clothing

Special security clothing is an important type of workwear that a security company should not ignore. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the points to be considered in the Uniform catalog for Private Security Companies and Units published by the Ministry of Interior. According to the catalog published by the Ministry, the points to be considered in private security clothing are as follows.

Badge and Logo that should be on Private Security Clothing

Private security star crest, arm crest, logo/crest of the institution, print lettering with private security inscription are complementary elements that should be present in the uniforms of private security guards. (It should not resemble the logos and symbols on the TAF uniforms. Symbols such as crossed sword, police star, helmet, bay leaf are some of the symbols that should not be included.

Top clothing items such as t-shirts, coats, coats and raincoats have a special security star badge on the left chest, with a width of seven centimeters and a length of ten centimeters.

On the left breast of the civilian uniform, a special security star crest made of cloth is sewn with a width of seven centimeters and a length of ten centimeters.

The special security star crest is sewn in the center of the hat-hat, with a diameter of seven centimeters. (Private security guards are required to wear hats, and this hat model will be in the style of a cap. It is unacceptable to wear a military cap or similar cap. However, they cannot wear berets similar to TAF or general law enforcement personnel berets.)

The sleeve crest is sewn on the right sleeve of the uniform, between the elbow and the shoulder, with a width of two and a half centimeters and a length of nine centimeters. (The rank phrases currently used by the Turkish Armed Forces and the general law enforcement should also not appear on the uniforms of the private security personnel. No stars or other symbols can be found on the epaulette.)

If requested, the logo or emblem of the institution and organization with a maximum diameter of seven centimeters between the elbow and the shoulder can be sewn on the left sleeve of the uniform.

Considering all the elements that complete this integrity together with the uniform, the Turkish Flag, Crescent and Star, 16 stars corresponding to the Presidential pennant and the Seljuk Eagle should not be included.

Institutions within the scope of the directive will use these uniforms without any approval.

Private companies and units will be able to use these uniforms by having them approved by the Governorship/Ministry.

The new private security star should be used on the left chest of official and civilian uniforms and on the front of hats and berets.

The logo of the places or units served is on the left arm,

The logo of private security companies and a 2.5 cm wide private security letter are on the right arm.

Top clothing items such as t-shirts, coats, coats and raincoats should have a special safety letter reflecting light on the back.

Types of Special Security Clothing

Special safety clothing consists of work clothes and accessories such as work trousers, work shirts, work sweaters, work coats, safety sweaters, safety hats.

Benefits of Wearing a Private Security Uniform

It makes customers and employees feel safe.
Increases brand awareness.
It creates a sense of pride on the officer or personnel wearing the special security uniform.
It shows current or potential customers that the security company has a professional working system.

Private Security Clothing Prices

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