Preference of Non-Flammable Work Clothes for Occupational Safety

Work clothes  vary according to the working conditions required by the job or the industry  . These changes can sometimes be related to color, sometimes to fabric and sometimes to sewing characteristics. In this week's article, we will focus on how the work clothes preferences of employees in the sector that may be exposed to fire should be.

What is meant by a non-flammable product is not that the workwear will not burn, but that it carries a protective factor for the body in case of fire. The most important feature of non- flammable  work clothes is that they save time by providing the opportunity to escape from possible dangerous situations. Thus, non-flammable workwear is among the personal protective equipment  as it minimizes the risk of burns  .

When considered in terms of occupational safety equipment  , non- flammable work clothes   , which increase the probability of survival of the person,  are one of the most important reasons for preference in sectors where there is a risk of burning.

Non-flammable work clothes are mostly preferred by firefighters, emergency teams, military and aviation personnel. In the event of a possible fire, firefighters and emergency teams are the first responders. In addition, they are the teams that do not leave the scene until the fire is completely extinguished. We manufacture non-flammable workwear  designed to keep these devoted workers safe, who risk their lives to protect us  . For non-flammable jackets and trousers that offer innovative, durable and comfortable protection.  You can visit . 

The fabrics of these specially designed work clothes  , which are vitally important, should  also be specially produced. The name of these fabrics is called nomex around the world. Nomex fabrics are a type of fiber that is resistant to heat and flame.

Another issue that is as important as the degree of durability of a flame-resistant workwear is its price. Kardelen, which prioritizes quality, comfort and customer satisfaction, offers you convenience for the price of this specially designed workwear.

Kardelen, which has been operating in the industrial workwear sector for 28 years with its understanding of quality, customer satisfaction and designs,  manufactures and supplies work clothes ,  work shoes  and  work safety materials  . If you are also  in search of workwear ,  you can procure the work clothes and work safety materials you want from  our Izmit, İkitelli, Gebze, Dudullu- Ümraniye workwear  stores and  from the address

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