Hotel Staff Clothes


One of the ways to provide a professional image in a hotel will be the work clothes that will be preferred for the staff. The way to attract customers in the tourism and hotel industry is through a showy, beautiful and modern appearance. You can visit for company logo, preferred models and colors, hotel staff outfits that will reveal a modern and stylish image.

Brand image is very important for companies working in the service sector. It is important to choose the right work clothes, as the brand image is a part of the service offered to the customers. There are many reasons why hotels need such professional work clothes. Anyone who has spent time at a hotel before knows that the easy identification of hotel employees depends on their work attire. There are many employees such as receptionists, cooks, chefs, waiters, cleaners, gardeners, security personnel, room attendants, washers, technical service workers, pool attendants in hotels. The common point of all of them is that they are easily recognized in the hotel, and they look clean and professional. A professional and clean appearance ensures that your hotel cares about its image, that your employees are part of the team, and that your guests can easily find staff when they need it. Kardelen finds a business suit for every job. You can choose the work clothes required for your hotel staff among the work clothes and work safety materials produced by Kardelen, or you can have them produced in the form of specially designed work clothes. Thus, they can help you promote your brand while making the hotel staff feel important and valuable with their work clothes.



Types of Workwear Preferred in Hotels

Benefits of Work Clothes Preferred in Hotels

  • It will ensure the protection of the professional image of the business.
  • It will indirectly affect your advertising and promotional activities.
  • It will allow a uniform appearance throughout the company.
  • The actions of the personnel wearing the work clothes of the company will be more conscious and will act with the awareness of team spirit.

Features of Preferred Workwear in Hotels


Employees at the reception should prefer business suits (jacket, shirt, tie, trousers). It should be more classic, stylish, meticulous and attentive.

Kitchen workers and waiters should prefer jackets, shirts, trousers, and suspended apron-style work clothes. It should be comfortable, modern, meticulous, breathable, useful and attentive.

Cleaning staff prefer work suits, trousers, t-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts. It should be comfortable, modern, meticulous, breathable, useful and attentive.

The guests, who are satisfied with the facilities and services offered by the hotel, will choose the same hotel again next year and ensure continuity. Hotel staff clothes should be chosen with care, as the people with whom the guests come into contact the most during the day are the hotel employees. Kardelen offers you all the necessary support with its affordable price policy, printing and embroidery applications, variety of workwear and wide supply network.


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