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Protective Gloves

Checklist to Consider When Choosing Gloves

Work gloves, which are included in personal protective equipment , are among the most used work safety materials in business life . Generally, work gloves are purchased without paying attention to the level of protection and the material the glove contains.

It is extremely essential that the protective glove to be preferred is chosen according to the risk of danger. The glove that you will buy regardless of the danger class does not fulfill its protective feature and may present a new set of risks. The right work glove, together with work clothes and work shoes , will minimize your risk of work accident. In this week's article , we will share with you the checklist that you should consider when choosing protective gloves . 

1. Protective Glove's Protection Skill

There are certain standards set for the protective ability of protective gloves. Certain trials are required to understand your employees' need for work gloves. Before purchasing your protective glove, you should obtain samples and have your workers test these gloves for about a week.

2. The Protective Feature of the Protective Glove

Protective gloves are produced from specially coated materials specific to their protection level. For example, if you are dealing with sheet metal work, you should use special gloves for this work. These gloves are usually produced by coating with metalworking oil. Likewise, if you are producing large sheets of glass for high-rise buildings, you will need a work glove with an extremely good grip and high cut resistance.

3. The Resistance of the Protective Glove to Cuts

Hand cuts are one of the most common occupational accidents. In order to minimize this risk, various materials have been developed with the help of technology. Especially in recent years, a very important progress has been made in cut resistance with the kevlar material produced from heat resistant, strong synthetic fiber. When you choose the right glove, you will reduce the risk of glass shards entering your hand.

4. Abrasion Resistance of Protective Glove

Work accidents after cuts are hand abrasion injuries. This demonstrates the importance of abrasion resistance in protective gloves. Wear resistance is directly proportional to the industry and the work done. Even a glove with very high abrasion resistance may need to be changed several times during the day, depending on the job.

5. Puncture Resistance of Protective Glove

When choosing puncture-resistant protective gloves, you need to know whether you're dealing with small objects such as needles or large objects such as broken glass. There are protective gloves produced in different standards according to the severity of the puncture. For this reason, you need to analyze the risk of danger very well.

6. Impact Resistance of Protective Gloves

Impact resistant work gloves are produced from materials containing padding on the upper part of the hand and fingers. Thanks to the protective gloves produced in accordance with the impact resistance standard, it has been observed that the fractures of the back of the hand have decreased significantly in various industries.

7. Heat Resistance of Protective Glove

Heat resistant gloves must have certain temperature values ​​within the scope of the relevant standard. It is necessary to carefully evaluate what is needed, especially in sectors that work with high temperatures such as molten metals and welding parts.

8. Vibration Resistance of Protective Glove

Vibration resistance is a vital requirement for workers using equipment such as pneumatic tools. If this requirement is neglected, it can cause serious hand and arm injuries and vibration syndrome.

9. Protective Gloves Protecting From Microorganisms

Microorganism protective feature are disposable gloves mostly used in the healthcare industry. There are also protective gloves from microorganisms with allergy, powder, abrasion and puncture resistance properties.

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