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Eye Protectors

Our eyes are vulnerable to microorganisms, dust, rays, liquids and various chemicals. Occupational safety materials developed to protect our eyes against these risks are called "eye protectors ". It is a legal obligation in terms of occupational health and safety to protect our eyes, which are faced with many risks even in daily life, with eye protectors against the harsh conditions of work environments.

In order to choose the right eye protection, some determinations must be made. It is necessary to choose the right eye protection as a result of the risk assessment in the workplace, the degree of risk and the evaluation of compliance with the standards. Liquid and chemical splashes that may occur in the eyes, physical impacts and impacts, radiation-induced burns and gas-contact irritations should be determined.

Types of Eye Protectors

Work glasses, eye washes and solutions are types of eye protection. Business glasses ; It is a work safety material that protects your eyes from impacts, chemical liquids, molten metals, toxic gases, dust, high temperature, UV rays, ionizing radiation, electric arcs, laser beams and computer screens .

After the risk determinations are made, the appropriate eye protection should be selected. For example, it may be necessary to use welding goggles against metal and molten material splashes Protective glasses used in laboratories can be preferred against physical impact and chemical splashes. Leak-proof models should be preferred against gas risks.

It's not just work glasses for eye protection. There are also eye washes and solutions for emergency interventions after a work accident. Although these occupational safety materials are not drugs, they are an effective method for cleaning unwanted substances in the eyes.

Eyewash/solution is a work safety material made to clean the eyes of the injured person in case the eye is exposed to any object or chemical in the face of work accidents at the workplace.

Eye Protection Standards

Chemicals, impacts and a tiny piece of dust can cause retinal rupture and even vision loss. Choosing the right occupational safety material is very important for the occupational safety of your employees. For this reason, eye protectors must be tested by a notified body according to the relevant standards and registered with the CE mark. Below are the EN standards for eyeglasses and what these standards mean.

  • EN 166 : Technical performance was standard
  • EN 167:  Managements for optical testing
  • EN 168:  Tests other than optical tests
  • EN 169:  Welding filters
  • EN 170:  Ultraviolet filters
  • EN 171:  Infrared ray filters. For example, it will protect your eyes from extreme heat.
  • EN 172:  Luster filters for industrial use
  • EN 175:  Face protection equipment in welding operations
  • EN 207:  Laser protective product
  • EN 208:  Protectors for laser beam alignment
  • EN 379:  Covers rules for automatic welding filters that can change the light transmittance value to a lower pre-calculated value when arc welding is ignited.
  • EN 173:  Covers test methods and marking rules for cage type eye and face protectors.

Eye Protector Prices


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