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It is an important issue in terms of occupational safety and health that employees work with the right work clothes, personal protective equipment and occupational safety materials at their workplaces. Every job has its own unique work clothes, personal protective equipment, work safety materials and accessories. Dressing in accordance with the requirements of the job offers safety, comfort and comfortable working opportunities. The most important issue when working is occupational health and safety rules. Foot injuries are one of the most common occupational accidents faced by those working in heavy industries such as industry, mining, energy and construction. In order to ensure foot safety, work shoes that comply with the personal protective equipment regulations should be preferred.

Occupational safety shoes are one of the occupational safety equipment that ensures foot health against all kinds of hazards such as crushing, breaking, drilling and impact that may occur in the workplace. It is compulsory to wear safety shoes suitable for the work done in heavy industry branches and in all business lines with dangerous risks.



Electrician Work Shoes Features



Types of Electrician Work Shoes


Work safety shoes differ according to business lines and sectors, and electrician work shoes also differ according to the working environment. Those who are interested in electrical work can work in different areas or different work environments during the day. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that work shoes protect the employee in all environments and working conditions. The features that all electrician work shoes should have are simplicity and not transmitting electric current.

Electrician work shoes are produced for sectors where the risk of electric shock is high. However, it can also be preferred in light industry areas such as the automotive, logistics and construction sectors. For this reason, electrician work shoes models are produced specifically for working conditions and occupational groups. For example; For those working in the construction sector, it should have a protection feature against crushing, drilling and breaking risks as well as insulating and not conducting electrical current.

Electrician's work shoes must be produced from quality materials, using the latest technology production techniques. Types of electrician work shoes should be designed as heat resistant, composite toe, fiber toe, leather, nubuck, microfiber, non-metallic, summer and winter.

Composite toe shoes should be preferred against crushing and breaking as a result of heavy objects falling. Work shoes designed in the form of boots are one of the most preferred winter work shoes by those dealing with electrical work.



Electrician Work Shoes Prices


Electrician work shoes prices, product quality, model, features, whether imported or not, may vary according to the manufacturer and seller companies. Bringing quality and comfort to you, Kardelen continues to serve you with affordable electrician work shoes prices. Kardelen offers great convenience to its customers with periodic campaigns and special solutions offered to companies and individuals who care about occupational health and safety. With the opportunity to shop in installments, you can get your work clothes, work shoes and work safety materials in much more comfortable conditions. Visit www.kardelentekstil.com.tr to be informed about our campaigns and special solutions.

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