Ear Protectors

Ear protectors are occupational safety materials used to protect the ear from extreme cold, water and other environmental conditions, especially noiseExposure to high levels of noise can cause noise-induced hearing loss. Adequate hearing protection required in a workplace is below 85 dBA during an average eight-hour work shift    .

Many employees have gotten used to the noise now, and may have the misconception that they can't hear it and choose not to wear ear protection. Noise does not have to be annoying or even painful to be harmful to a person. Temporary blindness or hearing loss may have already started while the person thinks that my ear has gotten used to the noise. If you don't protect your ears from the noise, tinnitus can become a permanent and constant nuisance in your life. It is mandatory to use ear protection in noisy environments for occupational health and safety.

Types of Ear Protection

The surest way to prevent noise that causes hearing loss is to eliminate the noise source or to reduce the noise at the source by engineering methods. However, it is not possible to apply them in working environments. In noisy work environments, workers may need to use ear protection earplugs and earplugs to reduce the amount of noise reaching their ears If you care about the work safety of your employees and yourself,  you can visit www.kardelentekstil.com.tr for  personal protective equipment , work clothes and work shoes .

Ear protectors are divided into two main categories , earplugs and earplugs . Headphones prevent noise from the auricle. They can have many different types. For example , earmuffs attached to a helmet, such as  sleeve-type earphones . Earplugs are occupational safety materials that prevent noise and liquids from entering the ear by being attached to the entrance of the ear canal.

Protective Headphones Prices

If, after the noise has stopped, you notice a ringing, humming or whistling sound in your ears that was not there before, this is a warning sign. This condition, called tinnitus, is an indication that the nerve cells in your inner ear are irritated and overworked, similar to sunburn. If you don't protect your ears from the noise, tinnitus can become a permanent and constant nuisance in your life.

Protective earphones are desirable to be affordable. There is a wide variety of ear protectors on the market. You can visit www.kardelentekstil.com.tr for the prices of ear protectors with high protection level in accordance with the standards .

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