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Cook Uniforms and Work Wear
Considering the working conditions of chefs and cooks, the most important issue that they should pay attention to when choosing work clothes is comfort. A business suit that allows you to move easily while cooking will allow you to focus completely on your work.

We can list the features you should look for in a chef's outfit as follows.

1. Work Clothes Made of Quality Fabric

Since the cooking areas are generally hot, it should be a fabric that will not make the worker sweat, make it easier for the skin to breathe, be resistant to wear, be easily cleaned and ironed. During cooking, the stains that may occur on the employee's work clothes should be easily removed and resistant to frequent washings.

2. Originally Designed Chef Jackets and Trousers

Every chef wants to leave his mark on his food. While leaving a mark on the palate with your meals, you can reflect your style with your business attire.

Chefs and cooks give importance to visuality as much as the taste they leave in their mouths with their meals. If you want to achieve an original and professional look as much as your meals, you can visit

You can choose your chef jackets and trousers among specially designed work clothes. If you want to reflect your style to your work, piping, zippered, velcro, colored, printed or embroidered details can be preferred. For example; If you want to have a pocket in your work clothes for the materials you use while cooking, and at the same time want to reduce the risk of falling into your dishes, you can choose the pocket feature on the inside of your chef jacket or on your trousers.

3. Convenience and Comfort Cooking Clothes

It should be ensured that the work clothes are suitable for the body structure and comfortable. Preferred cook jackets and trousers should not be easy-to-wear, tight-fitting or loose-fitting work clothes. Since the food sector is a sector that requires meticulousness, models with buttons that can fall into the dishes should not be preferred.

Your work attire should have a backup just in case. Cotton-polyester blend products that do not sweat the body and do not cause allergic reactions should be preferred.

Kardelen, which has been operating in the industrial workwear sector for 28 years with its understanding of quality, customer satisfaction and designs, manufactures and supplies work clothes, work shoes and work safety materials. If you are also in search of work clothes, you can procure the work clothes and work safety materials you want from our İzmit, İkitelli, Gebze, Dudullu-Ümraniye workwear stores and from the address

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