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Construction sites with many challenging areas, from working with heavy machinery to working at height, can pose a serious accident and injury threat for workers. For this reason, many countries create and implement PPE regulations. One of the parts of our body that needs to be protected is our feet. The choice of work shoes or work boots for employees in construction sites is an important situation in terms of occupational health and safety.


It is necessary to protect your feet from injuries and pain in construction sites where work is done by standing all day long. Your feet may be injured by heavy loads from falling, cut by sharp objects, and extremely sore from falling objects. To suit your working conditions, your work shoes must be durable, comfortable, breathable, waterproof, have ankle and midsole support, have heel support, provide excellent grip, have safety toe caps, and in some cases have an EH rating if you work with electricity.

Types of Work Shoes

Work shoes have had heavy and uncomfortable shapes in the past to provide extra strong protection. Recently, shoe manufacturers have started to use the latest technology to provide durable, lightweight and excellent protection. There are many different types of work shoes available. This diversity has been created depending on the sector and the job.

From steel-toed work shoes to waterproof boots, construction workers can choose from a variety of different styles. Especially if you work in the construction industry, you should consider purchasing a rubber outsole shoe. Soles are often made of rubber, not only for durability, but also to create some kind of insulation between the worker and the ground. It is important to create an extra barrier between your feet and the floor, especially when working in areas with live electricity. The soles should also have a non-slip design to ensure your feet stay on the ground in the event of an oil spill or when working on slippery surfaces.


For workers working on construction sites with heavy materials such as steel and iron bars, plates and temporary structures, it is recommended to purchase steel toe work shoes. Steel-toed boots are one of the types of work shoes that are designed for heavy-duty work and provide the highest level of protection. It will be the right choice for maintenance workers, plumbers, electricians and technicians working in the construction field.

Another factor to consider is whether the work boots are waterproof. Waterproof boots will keep the feet dry and provide maximum protection and comfort even when working in rainy weather conditions. A work boot that is waterproof and does not allow water leakage will be preferred for occupational health.

Work Shoes Prices

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