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Construction Worker Trousers

Work trousers may vary depending on the preferred sector, working conditions and climatic conditions. The preferred work trousers features in a construction site should be as follows.

Suitable for working environment
convenient and comfortable
Safe and high quality
modern and stylish
Reflecting the spirit of the company

What is the Purpose of Use of Construction Worker's Trousers?

The functionality of the work trousers for the construction industry will provide great convenience to the employee during his work. Multi-pocket work trousers are among the most preferred work clothes. Functional trousers are usually equipped with two side pockets and pockets that can have different cuts (cargo, caliper, commando pocket, etc. on the hips and sides).

The feeling of comfort in the workplace is of paramount importance and has an indirect impact on employee productivity. Inconvenient clothing that is inappropriate for the work area can limit an employee's ability to perform their professional duties.

Construction environments are one of the sectors where occupational accidents are experienced the most. Falls and crashes are the most common type of work accident in construction sites. The best way to protect the legs is long work clothes. Work pants and work overalls will be the right choice to protect your legs.

The choice of work clothes suitable for the season is another important issue that should be considered for the construction sector, which operates mostly in the outdoor environment. You can have your work trousers produced in a special design, or you can choose from the designs created by our company as a result of its expertise and experience. Summer-winter work trousers will offer you seasonal comfort.

Models with belt loops that will allow workers working at height on construction sites to easily carry their work safety materials (rope, spring, hook, etc.)

One of the causes of accidents at construction sites is being invisible. Reflective and high-looking work trousers will make the construction worker visible to the outside environment in harsh weather conditions, thereby minimizing the vital risk.

General Style and Features of Construction Worker Trousers

Elastic waistband for ease of movement (elastic at the back, adjustable through the waistband)
Rope trousers with multiple pockets and functions (fleto, flap, top attachment, bag, bellows, phone, pen, cargo, caliper or commando pocket) to increase the usage area
Reflective strips for better visibility (reflector piping, cross reflector, laser cut reflector, double or single row reflector, curved reflector)
Pocket flaps with velcro for comfort
Garnish production to reflect your corporate identity (two or more different colors)
Printing and embroidery options to reflect your company's logo and emblem (back, chest, sleeve, etc.)
Quality sewing methods (Twin needle, overlock, Chain stitch bartack)
Metal or plastic type zipper options
Reinforced hems to prevent wear or damage while working
Reinforced knee support without the need for knee pads
Functional, windproof, quilted and breathable

Construction Worker Trousers Fabric Properties

gabardine fabric

Construction Worker's Trousers Prices

Work pants are required for any profession that requires expertise. Bringing quality and comfort together with you, Kardelen continues to serve you with affordable work trousers prices. Kardelen offers great convenience to its customers with periodic campaigns and special solutions to companies and individuals who care about occupational health and safety. With the opportunity to shop in installments, you can obtain your work clothes, work shoes and work safety materials in much more comfortable conditions. Visit to be informed about our campaigns and special solutions.

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